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Portuguese in California

Portuguese in California is a bilingual documentary which showcase the Portuguese American population living in California. It is broadcast in the United States, Continental Portugal, Azore Islands, and in more than a dozen countries where the Portuguese Diaspora is present.

This premier showcase of the Portuguese Diaspora experience in the rich history of the development of California offers the viewer a comprehensive historical overview of this unique and vibrant ethnic population. Each episode presents a complete subject area as a standalone program. The series captures the full essence of the Portuguese contribution to the California of today.


Portuguese in California

The Documentary episodes will start with the "Azorean History", "Coming to America" and "The Early Days in California". Next, it will feature the main cities where Portuguese and Luso Americans are located.

Portuguese in California will cover sucess Stories from Agriculture to Hollywood.

It will be a must have reference for generations to come.

Following broadcast on television the series will be available online through social media sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, ITunes, Netflis, and others. The documentay will be published in DVD.

Map of the Portuguese Comunities

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